Paddle boarding can be one of the most fun and exciting exercises around. When I first went paddle boarding in Maui, Hawaii I have to admit it was a little exciting and also a little nerve racking trying to figure out how to get on the thing. The ocean waves were not too big, but as I found out were big enough to knock me right back off. The board rocked just enough to help me lose my balance and fall right into the super warm water so it was fun falling off. 

I was in great shape also, so I thought. This amazing woman who owned the paddle board and loaned it to me asked me if I could use a lesson. I guess it was a bit obvious I didn't know what I was doing. She gave me a brief lesson on how to get on it how to paddle and get moving out into the ocean. I had no idea what kind of coordination between my feet, my stomach, my arms, and whole body would take in moving together. When she did it, it looked easy. She was just used to it and someone had given her lessons also. 

As I got further out on the ocean, which was not very far by the way, I realized my feet were so tense they were starting to cramp up and my legs were starting to get tired and wobbly and my arms were starting to get tired. Remember, I thought I was in amazing shape? I didn't realize a lot of this was just mental anxiety. I was wearing myself out simply from my mind. 

This is when I realized that this exercise or sport is a full body exercise including for your mind. The left and right paddle coordination combined with the left and right legs and feet really has to get your brain working in ways that it's just not used to working. When you combine this with waves and direction and when your trying to keep up with your paddle boarding partner at the same time while talking to them and giggling and enjoying yourself you really start to work both sides of your mind and body. 

It's a great exercise for keeping your entire body healthy and for keeping your mind healthy with blood pumping through your body as well as your mind to help prevent heart disease and various mind diseases like Alzheimer’s. When you combine this with eating healthy it’s a whole experience not to be missed.  

Paddle boarding is quite mind blowing when you think of the places you can take your board. In Alaska or Maui when you go out you can see humpback whales amongst many other aquatic creatures. You can go to islands, you can cruise along the beach, or you can just hang out with friends and chat and mindless go any direction your hearts desire. 

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It is a true pleasure to bring this site to you in hopes it helps you find the right paddle board whether it be an inflatable Standup paddle boarding– SUP or a ridged paddle board. 

license due to the experience. I did quit commercial fishing when I was young at the age of 16 years old. Commerical fishing was just not me. Although I loved the water, being around unhappy captains yelling at me while killing various beautiful sea creatures was not my thing. I am in love with the ocean and everything in it. 

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Over the years I found myself on the water a lot and so I thought I better pick up some safety courses to make sure I don’t drown or hurt myself. Since then, I have picked up certificates in Swiftwater rescue, canoe rescue, kayak rescue and more. I have occasionally captained whale watching boats and even own a small whale watching company in Alaska. I have canoed thousands of miles of rivers. I am true lover of the outdoors. 



Please enjoy the site and let me know if I can do anything to make it better for you. After all this site is made just for you and your long-term enjoyment of paddle boarding. 

Captain Gutch / Cory Mann