Inflatable Paddle Boarding

Introduction to Inflatable Paddle Boarding 

Paddle boarding is classified based on use and demands. Why do you love boarding games? Your answer attracts some specific types of paddle boarding. However, it is vital to know the genesis of paddle boarding. Before the exploration of boarding games, it was first observed by some local Hawaiians who used the system of operating paddle boarding to carry tourists from one side of the ocean to the other. 

In classifying paddle boarding, the most common of all are the usual (hard) paddle boarding and inflatable paddle boardingFrom our experience in paddle boarding - usage and interactions; we have analyzed the comparison of the regular paddle boarding in accordance with Do you want to know more about inflatable paddle boarding? Definitely! You do. 

Kindly read through the whole of the article, as it contains the introduction to inflatable paddle boarding, advantages of inflatable paddle boarding, and why inflatable paddle boarding? 

Inflatable Paddle Boarding is entirely different from regular paddle boarding, just as the name "inflatable" is attached as a suffix. From the term "inflation," it implies the ability to increase from original size; and this is the application of inflatable paddle boarding. The paddle boarding allows users to inflate the board, and increase it's volume or decrease the amount as the case may be.

Generally, as the paddle boarding is easily inflated or deflated, it's usually called an all-round paddle boarding. And this is because of the innate advantages associated with its system of operation (inflation & deflation). Notably, the benefits differentiate the hard and inflatable paddle boarding.

Advantages Of Inflatable Paddle Boarding 

Inflatable Paddle Boarding is more attractive and effective in the aspect of its functions and importance. Notably, the overall advantages can be grouped as durability, portability, lightweight, versatility, and injury prevention. 

1. Durability 

Durability is the first and most notable advantage of an inflatable Paddle boarding, and this is because it can withstand strenuous activities, even those kinds of workouts that might demand the hard paddle boarding may cause zero or little harm to the board. Also, because of its durability advantage, it's is more employed for beginners, during their first time paddling. 

2. Portability 

Just like the durability function, you don't have to pack lots of loads and likewise think of how you would arrange the paddle boarding, as it can be easily deflated and packed, among other luggage. Inflatable Paddle Boarding is exceptional flexibility with it's "inflation & deflation" functional system. 

3. Light Weight 

The weight dimensions are divided into two - on air and water. Since the system is filled with some wind, the general inflatable paddle boarding is light to carry. Likewise, it is more advantageous during paddling, as the water supports the inflated air; thus, easy to paddle. 

4. Versatility 

Inflatable Paddle Boarding is more versatile in function than another conventional paddle boarding, especially the hard paddle boarding. And this because the inflatable paddle boarding is employed in various leisure, sports, and other professional activities due to its lightweight, durability, and other notable advantages. 

5. Injury Prevention 

Inflatable Paddle Boarding system is filled with air other than the hard systemic-works. Thus, if there is a strenuous impact between the user and the board, there is zero chance of getting injured—likewise, inflatable paddle boarding floats more on the water than any other constituted materials. Simply put, the board prevents injury due to impact, collision, waves, among others. 

Why Inflatable Paddle Boarding? 

If you're bothered to choose between hard paddle boarding and Inflatable paddle boarding, then you have to consider some dimensions. First, why do you need the board? If the crucial demands reside around professional works, some regulations might demand hard paddle boarding. 

However, if you're thinking of getting the board for personal and leisure workouts, inflatable paddle boarding might be the right choice, especially if you're a beginner with little or no experience in paddling. At the beginner level, there is a high chance of getting a severe impact on the board due to waves or less expertise: since the inflatable paddle boarding is equipped with less hazardous materials - it's ideal. 

Lastly, inflatable paddle boarding requires the system of "inflation & deflation" with little maintenance procedures because it does get damage quickly, even from enormous impacts with some hard surfaces - it's highly durable. 


The choice of paddle boarding depends on the choice and reason for paddling. If you're interested in leisure and long paddling (with little or no maintenance), inflatable paddle boarding is highly recommended. However, if you're fun of hard surfaces and impact - hard paddle boarding may be the better choice. And lastly, some professional activities differentiate hard or inflatable paddle boarding. Therefore, check the regulatory notes before you buy a paddle boarding. 


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