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Different Types of Paddle Boards or SUPs You Should Know

Paddle board is an excellent & multi-choice tool that is used for varieties of water, yoga, and sports activities. Paddle boarding originated as a result of the board, and up till today, people use the tool to create lively activities. However, if you are a beginner in paddle boarding, or you wish to know more about paddle boarding, it is crucial to start from the types of paddle board. Notably, all boards fall on either single or multiple categories, depending on several factors.

What are the factors that determine the choice & type of paddle board, Paddle Boarding Guru? They include what you need in paddle board, why you need a paddle board, and for what activities.  

The rest of the article covers the types of paddle board, classification of paddle board by function & construction, the significance of the board in paddle boarding, and what you need to know before engaging in paddle boarding. 

Classification of Paddle Board 

Before you engage in any type of boarding activities, you need to solve the problem of “why boarding?” On that note, two main factors are considered in classifying a paddle board; they are classification by construction & by activities. 

Generally speaking, classification does not confine most boards to a single category. For example, an inflatable paddle board can be used for multiple activities–provided it’s suitable for such activities. In other words, paddle boards are constructed according to the type of activities. And this is why you need to know “why you need a board, for what, and which activities.”  

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Based on activities, paddle board can be classified based on all-around paddle board, touring paddle board, fishing paddle board, yoga paddle board, racing paddle board, surfing paddle board, and whitewater paddle board. 

Types of Paddle Board Based on Construction 

From the above expression, there are numerous occasions or activities by which paddle boards can be classified. However, there are 4 main types of paddle board according to their construction (material). 

1. Inflatable Paddle Board

One of the fantastic things about inflatable paddle board is the rigidity level. For the fact that it is inflatable, on proper inflation–the board must be rigid like a basketball. Thus, it resembles a hard paddle board, and perform explicitly on water. Obviously, the paddle board expects to be Inflated before it can be used, it is an excellent choice for those that are traveling or limited space paddle boarders due to its compressive property.   

Its activities on water are excellent. However, it floats more rather than cutting through the water during the floating activities. But the paddle board remains the fast-selling and more favorite among users. The board is more expensive than regular board due to its outstanding performances. 

Constructively, inflatable paddle board is designed with military-grade PVC with multiple thick layers and highly durable for several activities. Therefore, inflatable paddle board are suitable for all-round activities, travelers, among others. 

2. Fiberglass Paddle Board

The fiberglass paddle board is one of the traditional board, which is built with multiple layers of fiberglass and epoxy resin. The fiberglass & epoxy resin prevents ding, while stinger is applied to provide more agility and stiffness.  

Fiberglass paddle board may not be as versatile as an inflatable paddle board. Still, it’s significant in the moderate price (although it might be costly in the case of heavy painting & artistic works) and excellent water cutting. The board is notable for creating tremendous wave cutting experience when the boarders are running on waves. In addition to that, fiberglass is faster, unique smoothness, has super gliding & control buildups.  

Notwithstanding, fiberglass cannot run through rough and rigorous activities, unlike the inflatable board. So, you have to define your need & and type of activities before you settle for a paddle board.  

Fiberglass is suitable for long-distance activities either for personal or sport use. Right choice for fishing and racing. However, it is not easy to store, unlike the inflatable paddle board. 

3. Plastic Paddle Board 

Just like the name, plastic paddle board is built with a combination of thermoplastic & foam or a core basisWhile the thermoplastic crates the rigidity and flat surface, the underlying foam brings out the paddle-boards functions on the board.  

Durability plastic paddle boards are more durable and suitable for daily use or rental services. And this is why it is commonly used in public places where various people need paddle boards. 

Although it’s less expensive compare to other paddle board, it creates a fewer experiences like superb gliding and motion control. Aside from that, it is versatile in usage and can withstand heavy works. 

4. Foam or Soft Paddle Board

Just like the plastic paddle board, the foam board is the combination of wood stingers that are heated with foams. The wood provides support and strength, and the foam makes the board suitable for use.  

The fantastic feature of the foam paddle board is the fact that the board creates an excellent falling experience. While the hard paddle board can cause injuries during the motion of boarding, the foam paddle board has little chance of causing harm. Thus, it’s suitable to fall on. 

The general picture of the foam paddle board resolves around the option that the board is meant for beginners and kids due to the zero chance of getting injured. Also, the soft construction makes it the best for yoga activities, among other usages.  

In Summary 

As the kind of people that use paddle board varies from young to old (even those for animals); likewise is the choice and type of paddle board varies. First, you need to solve the need and type of board to settle for before you assign any of the boards, as many of the activities demand various types of paddle boards. All you need is to classify the board by activities; then, you’ll know the choice of the board according to the constructional buildups. Most time, the classification comes by activities before construction. So, you need to know the need first before you decide. Doing so, you’ll settle for the best of the paddle board. 


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