Choosing the best standup inflatable paddle board – SUP

Deciding which inflatable SUP is suitable for you can be difficult. The volume of manufacturers, brands, features, and model types can make your head spin. You choose from competing varieties of rigid boards.

The price of each SUP might seem like it follows quality, but it does not. Let us help you choose the right path for yourself or a loved one. There are boards made in many countries, and picking the right one from fake news or made-up articles on the internet could end up in a frustrating experience.

An informed decision should end up making you the happiest person on the water. One of the best things I love about inflatables is how small they can compact down. The deflated board and all accessories easily fit in a carry bag and can be stowed away in small spaces such as inside your closet, under the bed, the top shelf - you get the idea.

In the end, it is really about you and the wonderful experience you want to have on the water. Inflatables are very versatile in use and durable. You can be guaranteed to enjoy convenience. They are lightweight, and an average adult can carry them easily with one hand. 

Before making a purchase, it is crucial to consider what your SUP will do for you. Preferably, we recommend you go for an all-round board. These are not best at a single activity, but they come pretty close in performance regardless of use.

Board thickness is another factor you should consider. Thinner boards will deliver you a more stable experience under normal conditions. Thinner inflatables come with a lesser weight capacity, and it is good you try a variety of boards with different thicknesses before determining the best fit for you.

The board's width and length will determine its capabilities in the water. We have come to realize longer boards are very good at tracking and gliding. Their shorter counterparts are apt at maneuvering. Wider boards ooze stability, whereas their thinner siblings have increased speed.

Your inflatable will come with any of three fin systems: permanent fins synonymous with entry-level boards, snap-lock fins good at customization, and the typical fin systems featuring a screw and plate. The choice of a particular system is entirely up to you, depending on expected upgrades in the future and the activity you want to engage your board. 

Another factor we recommend you check out is the manufacturing specifications of your inflatable. By incorporating a single layer of military-grade PVC in manufacturing, we guarantee standard performance. Durability and a reduced risk of board accidents are an added advantage of multiple layers of PVC protection.

Ask yourself the assortment of accessories you want to mount on your SUP. We know not all inflatables are built alike, and features that support accessories are not standard on all SUPs. Look for one that has heavy accessory compatibility, and thank us later.

The pump and paddle that come with your board are a paramount concern. Our prioritized recommendations are an electric pump and a full carbon fiber paddle. The electric pump increases time on the water. The lightness of carbon fiber paddles complements it.

As we have shown, there are many factors to consider before buying an inflatable. Get yourself real-time experience before purchasing your dream board.

It is worth it if you can rent, or borrow locally, a variety of boards before buying yours. Feel free to ask us for expert opinions and advice. 

Making an informed decision.

Whether a beginner or an expert, we will guide you through the right choice of an inflatable SUP. We offer the most genuine, well-balanced, unbiased, and most technical advice on inflatables. There are many considerations, and we have broken them down into consumable slices for ease of your understanding.

The paddler profile is the initial question we answer. Whether you are an absolute beginner, a paddler with minimum experience, or an expert paddler, we have it all for you. Closely related to your profile is the intended use of the inflatable.

After reviewing your profile, it is easy to decide on an inflatable due to its numerous advantages over hardboards. The size of the board to buy should then be your next concern. After size comes the shape. Our experts will take you through this all-important phase of decision making meticulously.

We offer customized guidelines on inflating your board to correct PSI readings as recommended by manufacturers. It is our joy if the board performs well, is stable, does not flex in the middle, and can hold the proper weight for its size. 

Which inflatable is right for you?

Our very first point of advice is to ignore those lists flooding your search engine every time you look for an inflatable. Most are made up and will end up in premium frustrations. Always start with realistic expectations for your boarding activity. Analyze the market for a durable, well-constructed board that best suits your budget.

We offer precise information on ideal shapes and dimensions of an inflatable, depending on weight and needs. A comparison of fin systems is present for your perusal, each with underlying advantages and relevant limitations.

While you decide on a particular brand, we recommend you check the deck pad. Inflatable storage bags should be more than a mere after-thought in your hierarchy of considerations. Pumps and inflation systems should be next on your checklist.

Take your time. Study the manufacturer and review all their specifications for the different brands. We offer you the background and merits of any inflatable brand you are considering acquiring.

In this buying guide, we will duteously review all the main points you need to think about before settling on a prized inflatable. It is an investment worth considering, and we want you to make the most informed choice for an inflatable. As you engage your jewel in water, feel and experience the thrill.

Stand up paddle-boarding has something for everyone. Bored or need to revitalize after a tiring obligation? Just head out for a relaxing session on calm waters. Catch waves in the ocean and feel the adrenaline rush to the skin.

Pick out a yoga scenery and enjoy the serenity that comes with water. Gather your buddies and go for a fast-paced paddle as a work-out. Whatever your intentions for paddling, having the best fit of the board is inalienable to your experience in the water.

Before you decide on the most appropriate board, bear in mind how you will use it. Get an inflatable that fits your body profile, and do not forget to factor in how you want it to handle and feel. You will live with the experience, so make it impressive and lasting by deciding based on knowledge.

Decision movers discussed in this article include; the shapeof the board, appropriate volume and capacity, the right length, width, andthickness. The inherent advantages of an inflatable have cleared the first hurdle in your decision-making process. From here, let us help you come up with the best fins and any extras or accessories that will customize the prized inflatable. 

The shape of the board

The hull of a board plays a strategic role in defining its performance. Most SUPs either possess a flat and wide shape or a displacement hull, although a number nowadays come with a hybrid design that combines the best attributes. Flat boards have high maneuverability and are the best choice for leisure paddling, surfing, inflatable yoga, and white-water paddle-boarding.

Displacement board shapes are curved at the front end, making them less demanding to paddle. With a displacement hull, you can achieve greater distances at faster speeds. The boards track nicely and straight, making them a favorite for fitness paddlers, inflatable safaris, and racing. Select the hull-type based on how you plan to use your board and your level of expertise in paddle-boarding 

Sup volume and weight capacity

A board should work precisely for your size. If it displaces an incorrect amount of water for your weight, you will not get adequate support. The board is sure to be unstable. Volume and weight capacity are two major factors that affect stability and how efficient the inflatable glides on the water.

The width of the board, length, and thickness determine its volume and capacity. Manufacturers juggle the three elements in different formats to achieve diverse performance characteristics.

The volume, as expressed in liters, indicates its ability to float while loaded. The higher the volume of water the board displaces, the more weight it can support.

Every inflatable has a rider(s) weight capacity. For anyone who's too heavy for a board, it will ride lower in the water and be inefficient to paddle. When making this crucial determination, consider your body weight and any other weights you will bring with you on-board the inflatable. 

The Length, Width, and Thickness


The rule of thumb is to have the inflatable's use pre-determined before deciding on length. Below is a simple guide to board length according to use:

Shorter boards (those under 10 feet long) are perfect for surfing and kids.

Medium-sized boards (10 to 12 feet long) are premium for all-around use and inflatable yoga.

Longer boards (12 feet 6 inches and longer) are efficient for fast paddling and long-distance touring. 


Inflatables exist in widths ranging from about 25 inches up to 36 inches. As with length, width affects the overall volume and weight-carrying capacity, so you should select a width with this in mind.


SUPs come in a standard 5-inch or 6-inch thickness. Like length and width, how your board will handle depend on thickness. We advise those with intentions of longer cruises to go for thinner inflatables.

Fins and accessories

Fins generate tracking and add on maneuverability. Most SUP fins are removable. Your inflatable will feature either flexible rubber fins attached at the factory or detachable, semi-rigid varieties. Some popular fin configurations include single fin, 3-fin set-up, and 2+1 fin systems.

Depending on consumer needs, your inflatable comes with an array of accessories. They include; a paddle, mounts, straps, floatation devices, car racks, and many others. 

Steps for Choosing the Best Inflatable SUP

Many factors combine in forming a decision as critical as purchasing an inflatable SUP. Budgetary concerns, paddling activities intended for the board, where to shop for quality, the final brand settlement, brand features, accessories, and board size are top of the list. It is a herculean task when left to one person who is not conversant with all the technicalities, and that is where we come in.

1. Determining your price range and budget

You get what you cash for when procuring a stand-up inflatable, similar to other investments worth your income. Initial SUP investment is sure to set the buyer back anywhere between $400 to the excess of $4,000. How much you should pay for your brand-new board depends on what you seek out of the inflatable and budget flexibility.

Budget inflatables are available for those interested in paddling but short on funds for a fancy board. While shopping on a budget, performance should not be your primary concern. There are plenty of brands in our catalogs that fit a budget of $400 to $1,000.
You are shopping for your kids' board to be used twice or thrice during holidays. Your best bet is one of our budget inflatables. Caveat: these boards are not made with durability in mind, though they do not dent you deeply in the pockets.

For clients who do not want to burn pockets on an inflatable, take our word not to go for online "deals" screaming pre-owned, low-priced performance boards. It is a scam you can save yourself a heart attack by avoiding. Avoid the pitfalls of shoddy repair jobs, over-priced pop-outs, and water-logs sure to leave you screaming harder than their ads after the con job gets cashed.

For most paddlers, we recommend mid-range inflatables. The price ranges between $1,000 and $2,000. The quality, comfort, handling, and overall performance of new inflatables in this category are sure to mesmerize you and make up for the dear initial investment. Consider getting our expert advice on getting the most durable, best-performing inflatable without breaking your nearest bank.

The world is full of fakes and poorly-tailored look-alikes. What looks sparkling on the shelf may perilously disappoint on the water, and we do not want you to experience that. Our experts guide you through brand manufacturing, place of origin, and what warranties exist from the manufacturer in the likely event that the board breaks down.
At the realm of high-end paddlers with expert skills, no shekels should get spared. The price range is equivalent to the supreme quality and cutting-edge-design of the inflatable you get at the store. The prices here start at $2,000 upwards.

If you have tried looking for a brand in this category but seem not to find a perfect choice, enquire from us about a custom-made inflatable. The key to a successful buy lies in the research. You surely do not want to use up all those thousands and end up with an inflatable that does not suit your skill level or discipline altogether, now do you?

Our advice is you stay patient. Save up. Do your research. Invest in a hand-crafted, customized SUP that will fulfill your desires with fewer disappointments. It will last longer, satisfy your paddling performance needs and enhance your water experience like nothing else ever did

2. Type of paddling activity

There exists a rainbow of activities one can undertake on an inflatable board. You can cool off with a paddle on serene waters. For those seeking a thrill, you can go catching waves in the ocean.

Add pomp to a romantic date by getting on the inflatable. Carry out whole yoga sessions or race your friends on the board. When you grow tired of a gym, head out and indulge in a work-out paddle in the waters.

Paddling offers an activity for everyone. Getting the best fit of a board for your destined activity is, therefore, crucial. The right shape of the board, its weight capacity, dimensions, and accessory compatibility determines performance. 

Inflatables come in two distinct body shapes: the flat (planing hull) and the pointed, kayak-style displacement hull. Flat inflatables ride on top of the water and handle quick spins. If your activity range is leisure paddling, surfing, yoga, or white-water boarding, this is the best choice.

Displacement hulls slice through the water and displace it around the nose. It creates better momentum and smooth rides requiring lesser paddling efforts. If you have a knack for speed and covering long distances, this is the hull to order. Fitness paddling, inflatable tours or camping, and board racing are activities associated with this shape.
The inflatable's dimensions determine the volume and weight capacity. Longer and wide boards displace more volumes of water and thus have an improved weight carrying capacity. Larger surfaces are synonymous with more room for accessories or necessities for your paddling activity.

We give specific recommendations on the individual activity needs of our clients. If you will use the board for yoga, stability is an elementary consideration. Fishing on a board dictates the inflatable has to be voluminous to accommodate fishing gear and other requisite accessories.

Board length determines how your inflatable handles under different activities. Shorter boards make excellent items for surfing due to their maneuverability. Medium boards are ideal for yoga and all-around activities, while longer boards are necessities for those who wish to paddle far.

If you are on frequent, long tours that require an extra set of gears or accessories, consider getting a wider board. Yoga calls for that extra width for stability and executing poses. Racers and surfers are home and dry with thinner versions of inflatables

Depending on the activity you intend the inflatable for, you might need a board that adorns special features. Bungee straps come in handy for securing dry bags, clothing, and coolers. You need mounts to attach fishing rods, seats, or cameras.

Leashes that attach you to the floating board in case of safety emergencies are custom-made to activity. There are leashes designed for surfing, flat-water, and river activities. Make sure you enquire about appropriate accessories for your inflatable from us since we sell them separately.

3. Deciding where to shop

A SUP is an expensive piece of outdoor equipment. There are genuine deals to be found around, but be wary of those over-advertised deals. Many people have lost their hard-earned dollars on shady deals and con jobs over the internet.

The first point of contact whenever you need an inflatable for yourself or a loved one is our site. We are sure to sell you quality at the fairest market price the world over. When you link with us, we offer you a guarantee that we have done all the background checks on your behalf.

All the inflatables displayed on this site for sale bear a warranty. We deal with the original product manufacturers. Specifications have been pre-analyzed for you; we need have only your profile and budgetary estimates, and we recommend the best fit of a board for your activity!

Whenever you want a taste of an inflatable to linger in your memories, look out for boards priced in the $900 to $1,400 range. We have had $1,200 inflatables selling at $900 on this platform, so look out for our exquisite deals! If you are willing to stash in a little more investment, we organize and deliver hand-crafted, premium quality boards with unmatched durability. 

We stand out from the rest. Ours is the only franchise that deals you information and helps pick the appropriate inflatable in these sides of the hemisphere. We do this before you have made the purchase, so no worries about the wrong choice when you have already cashed out the deal.

Our quality assurance team runs tests on all products we advertise to make sure you get what we claim online. There are no chances you will get a look-alike model from our shop because we deal with brand manufacturers directly. Our staff offers top-of-the-range presale, sales, and after-sale services.

We strive to feature the best deals across manufacturers and brands. A shopping experience with us leaves you knowledgeable and satisfied that you made the right choice of an inflatable. You are most welcome to sample our products and services. 

4. Determining the board size

Many factors come into play when choosing the right size of an inflatable. Lifestyle and the intended activity are elementary. Consider stability before deciding the length, width, and thickness of your board.

Shopping for a SUP requires that you consider an inflatable that offers enough floatation and stability for your skill level and body weight. One that performs satisfactorily to your expectations and suits your activity. Different performance parameters call for varying board sizes, which we discuss below.

Inflatables for all-round, general use come in at ten to eleven feet and between 32 to 34 inches wide. If stability is key to your activities, go wider. The down-side to it is sluggish and less-fun paddling.

For clients below 150lbs wishing enhanced portability and maneuverability, opt for the shorter than average length measurements. With the right design and an appropriate width of about 30 to 32 inches on the board, the inflatable will be much more fun.

Speed and straight tracking need an inflatable board size of 12 feet and six inches long. Touring and race boards are optimal at 26 inches narrow. Excellent performance and ample storage space on these inflatables make them the best choice. 

There are specialized shapes for specific uses. 36-inch wide boards commonly run over rapids and turbulent waters. Inflatables measuring nine feet in length got designed with ocean and river surfing in mind.

Manufacturers have realized the need for multiple-paddler boards. They have made inflatables as wide as 45 to 56 inches with a carrying capacity of four to seven riders. The evolution of SUPs has not stopped, and we may well have longer lengths and wider widths soon.

The thickness of your inflatable is as vital as the length, width, and shape of its hull. Inflatables come in two thicknesses: the narrow five-inches and the six inches type. The thinner inflatable is ideal for all-around, lighter paddlers most of the time.

Selecting a board size is a significant stage in a maze of factors influencing its performance. Thinner boards come at relatively higher prices than their thick counterparts. Other factors affecting the SUP size most suitable for you include your height and relative reach, how you intend to use the board, and factors such as the range of water and wind conditions you are likely to encounter.

For advanced paddling, recommended combinations may differ depending on specialized, intended uses of the board. There are four board dimensions needed to determine the right size, including:

⦁ Buoyancy volume of the board in liters
⦁ Nose to tail length
⦁ A measure of the width in inches, and
⦁ The thickness between the bottom and top of the board

The age of look-alikes and imitations not calibrated to standard is a reality. Unsuspecting clients are buying low quality and obsolete products. It pays to have an original product dealer like ourselves getting you the right size of an inflatable after careful consideration of all pertinent factors.

5. Explore specific brand features

The manufacture of inflatables with drop-stitched, military-grade PVC exteriors creates an air core. You inflate them using a pump to attain floating, weight-carrying rigidity. The best way to find a fitting board is by consulting experts such as our team on specific features you need before committing to a brand or model.

Internet sites announce their inflatables with flowery language to advertise non-existent features. Only a trusted source like our shop is sure to combine all specifications and come up with the ideal choice of inflatable for you. Many hoax dealerships thrive on sale-by-volume, and their salespersons are eager to close a deal without any regard for your specification. 

Every paddling activity needs customized fabrication of an inflatable. Not many sites offer in-depth insights into board material and construction methods. Reading our expert-level article disambiguates this highly-held trade "secret."

 Entry-level inflatables sold en-masse on the internet are made with a single, thin layer of plastic-coated fabric atop two overlapping strips of low-grade material. Deck-pads may look similar on photos or display shelves, but their manufacture is with differing foam densities. It affects their cushioning powers and durability. 

Handles seem like an unnecessary appendage. A meticulously-made handle with a cushioned, detachable grip is the difference between comfort and great irk when carrying your board. Shortcuts and cost-cutting on materials affect the overall quality of every component or accessory on the inflatable.

It is challenging to experience the intangible level of detail that goes into board design and structural composition. Many SUP clients lack this understanding. Sales departments know and exploit this informational gap while making up unfounded claims.

Inflatable selection should consider the versatility of features. How specific features adapt to changing user activities makes or breaks the excellence of your investment. You should be in a position to use your inflatable in any type of water and have it perform as you develop your water skills.

Your board should aid in expanding your paddling activities rather than limiting them with overly-specialized features on-board one inflatable. However, if you are looking for a specialized inflatable, we offer you the extension of getting a hand-crafted, custom one at competitive prices.

 Features on a SUP are dictated mostly by the activity of choice. Expert activities call for unique specifications on the board before you make a purchase. An example is a fishing inflatable. It will have to come equipped with mounts.
A board with swappable fins adds the level of available customization. Side fins of variable dimensions are great aids when setting up the inflatable to accommodate changing paddling conditions.

We hope to get you reviewing our catalog and detailed, feature-specific insights. They are very informative while you are making considerations for specific features. We hope to reward you with an inflatable that will bring out the best of you while you paddle away. 

6. Accessorize your inflatable

An inflatable will adapt to your intended activity better if it comes with all the necessary accessories. Due to the risk of safety, some additives come standard for all activities. We outline the main accessories you may want to consider adding to your inflatable before making a purchase.

Anchor: You are out in the water having a yoga session, snorkeling, or fishing. You sure do not want to drift away, and this is where a SUP anchor helps most. Our list of inflatable anchors has various features, are easy to carry on-board, and comes complete with rope, carry-bag, and buoy.

Kayak Seat: You are paddling away and want to switch the board into a kayak. Easy, snap on a kayak seat and take a seat! We offer a spectrum of detachable kayak seats to give you a two-in-one versatility, an extra level of comfort, and improved stability on those windier days.

Inflatable Leashes: Paddle board leashes are coiled to reduce the chances of entangling while you paddle away. When extended, the leash offers you a safe distance with the board. We have stocked quality, specialized SUP leashes that stretch up to five times the length when fully extended.

Spare Fins: Losing a paddle fin is more of a when than if situation. Pack an extra fin in your carry bag every time you go out on a long cruise. We deal in quality spare fins and encourage you to visit our outlets for a premium deal.

Dry Bag and Waterproof Pouch: You are on the water, and a great majority of your valuables would end up ruined in the likely event they come in contact with liquids. It is essential to have a reliable dry bag. Our franchise recommends a 15+ liter dry bag for your paddling sessions and our range of waterproof waist pouches.

Waterproof Speaker: Nothing beats working out to background music. Our range of speakers come with clips that attach to either your dry bag or waist pouch. We offer a variety of sizes, sound levels, and waterproofing performance to your taste. Bring the party to the water!

Floating Sunglasses: While out in the water, you get exposed to harmful sun rays and perpetual glare. Improve visibility and cut out harmful UV rays by investing in our range of premium floating glasses. And yes, they do float. 

A Camera: We all want to capture precious moments while on the water. Floating awards you with the most scenic photography frames, and our range of high-end digital cameras will surprise you with their capabilities. Live the moments by grabbing our favorite waterproof cameras.

Pump and Carry Straps: Do not run out of juice while in the water. Our recommended electric pumps keep you floating without the need to worry about flex. Stop struggling to carry your board to shore and take advantage of our line of straps.

Other Accessories: There is so much to accessorize your inflatable in store for you. They include camera and fishing mounts, inflatable UV socks, bucket/tackle racks, fishing life vests, spare bungee cords, waterproof phone cases, deck coolers with their bags, and snorkels complete with their fins.

Wrapping It All Up

What are you waiting for, our dear water adventurer? Get yourself an accessorized inflatable paddle board from us and float this next summer! The waters are beckoning. 

Experience incredible moments to be remembered for the rest of your life floating. We are waiting on you to make a decision, and we will gladly take you through the process of acquiring and accessorizing an inflatable. See you on the other end of the pond, water adventurers. We shall be waiting!


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