Choosing the Best Standup Inflatable Paddle Board

Deciding which inflatable SUP is suitable for you can be difficult. The volume of manufacturers, brands, features, and model types can make your head spin. You choose from competing varieties of rigid boards. 

The price of each SUP might seem like it follows quality, but it does not. Let us help you choose the right path for yourself or a loved one. There are boards made in many countries, and picking the right one from fake news or made-up articles on the internet could end up in a frustrating experience. 

An informed decision should end up making you the happiest person on the water. One of the best things I love about inflatables is how small they can compact down. The deflated board and all accessories easily fit in a carry bag and can be stowed away in small spaces such as inside your closet, under the bed, the top shelf - you get the idea. 

In the end, it is really about you and the wonderful experience you want to have on the water. Inflatables are very versatile in use and durable. You can be guaranteed to enjoy convenience. They are lightweight, and an average adult can carry them easily with one hand. 

Before making a purchase, it is crucial to consider what your SUP will do for you. Preferably, we recommend you go for an all-round board. These are not best at a single activity, but they come pretty close in performance regardless of use. 

Board thickness is another factor you should consider. Thinner boards will deliver you a more stable experience under normal conditions. Thinner inflatables come with a lesser weight capacity, and it is good you try a variety of boards with different thicknesses before determining the best fit for you. 

The board's width and length will determine its capabilities in the water. We have come to realize longer boards are very good at tracking and gliding. Their shorter counterparts are apt at maneuvering. Wider boards ooze stability, whereas their thinner siblings have increased speed. 

Your inflatable will come with any of three fin systems: permanent fins synonymous with entry-level boards, snap-lock fins good at customization, and the typical fin systems featuring a screw and plate. The choice of a particular system is entirely up to you, depending on expected upgrades in the future and the activity you want to engage your board. 

Another factor we recommend you check out is the manufacturing specifications of your inflatable. By incorporating a single layer of military-grade PVC in manufacturing, we guarantee standard performance. Durability and a reduced risk of board accidents are an added advantage of multiple layers of PVC protection. 

Ask yourself the assortment of accessories you want to mount on your SUP. We know not all inflatables are built alike, and features that support accessories are not standard on all SUPs. Look for one that has heavy accessory compatibility, and thank us later. 

The pump and paddle that come with your board are a paramount concern. Our prioritized recommendations are an electric pump and a full carbon fiber paddle. The electric pump increases time on the water. The lightness of carbon fiber paddles complements it. 

As we have shown, there are many factors to consider before buying an inflatable. Get yourself real-time experience before purchasing your dream board. It is worth it if you can rent, or borrow locally, a variety of boards before buying yours. 

Feel free to ask us for expert opinions and advice. 


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